Future Government | 25th March 2020 | Shed 6, Wellington, New Zealand

25th March 2020 | Shed 6, Wellington, New Zealand  

About Future Government

Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurialism within the public sector, the Future Government Summit is a one-day event showcasing:

- What the government of 2040 will look like and its impact on the nation?
- Innovation culture within the public sector
- International keynotes and thought leaders discussing trends in their respective countries

With an emphasis on creating robust and resilient future strategies, this event brings together central government agencies, local government, the wider public sector and the technology ecosystem to create a roadmap to the government of the future.
If you'd like to know more about the event or provide input towards the content, please contact Mili Goswami (milig@conferenz.co.nz).

Who will be there

Chief Executives | Chief Operating Officers |
Chief Technology Officers | Chief Information Officers |
Chief Digital Officers | Chief Strategy |
Policy Leads | Senior Advisors

Past Speakers

2019 Programme

Future Government has been built around core themes to help develop a comprehensive programme to address how we can create an entrepreneurial government.

- Innovation, strategy and moving towards 2030 & beyond
- GovTech and NZ's technological advantage
- Collaboration at the core of better public services
- Technology trends, adoption and innovation
- Developing leaders, workplaces and cultures

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