Webinar 1: 

TopicPanel discussion: Use of technology to react, respond and combat COVID-19  

Technology has played a major role in the fight against COVID-19. It has not only played a significant role in helping the Government – both here as well as internationally - in their response to the outbreak, it has also helped organisations re-visualise their operations. From a New Zealand Government perspective, the All-Response team is collaborating and working hard and fast on delivering solutions that will help with contact tracing and tracking via an app or similar technological solutions. This webinar is designed to put forward Government technology experts who will discuss the significant digital transformation New Zealand businesses and Government has had to go through at a moment’s notice. 

  • Discussing the tech opportunity for New Zealand 

  • Providing insight on the impact a technological solution to contact tracking and tracing would have on New Zealand citizens and the challenges around security and privacy that comes with and practices that can be in play to mitigate them 

  • Continuing the digital transformation journey for the Government – how has the Covid-19 outbreak prepared New Zealand’s public sector to fast track their digital journey? 

Shayne Hunter, Deputy Director General of Data and Digital, Ministry of Health 

Robin Hartendorp, General Manager South, NTT 

Rachael MilicichDeputy Government Statistician & Deputy Chief Executive – Insights and Statistics, Stats NZ

Leigh Flounders, Strategic Advisor, Lina Network

Richard Adams, CDU Lead, Spark New Zealand

Facilitated by Emma Naji, Executive Director, AI Forum New Zealand



Webinar 2: 

TopicGovernment technology insights panel: New Zealand Government’s re-imagined digital journey as a result of Covid-19  

In this webinar, Government technology experts come together to discuss the New Zealand Government’s digital transformation journey to deliver government as a digital service while keeping the needs of the citizens at heart. 

When faced with the Covid-19 outbreak, the Government was faced with both an opportunity as well as a challenge on their path to a Digital Public Service. In this webinar, Government CIOs discuss the journey to a Digital Public Service, and the impact Covid-19 has had on this journey. 

  • Laying out the journey map to a Digital Public Service – insights on the progress the Government had made and the impact the Covid-19 outbreak has had on this 

  • Highlighting the KPIs that helps strategizing the journey map in delivering a digital project 

  • Adapting and adopting from a ‘BAU’ environment to a crisis situation back to a ‘BAU’ environment – how has the Government been agile in their operations under circumstances? 

  • Discussing the benefits of a Digital Public Service approach – is the Government reaching the level of engagement they had anticipated? 

  • Understanding the cyber security threats that may affect and impact a Digital Public Service – what approaches are in place to mitigate these? 

  • The role of the CIOs in the journey to deliver citizen-centric public services and the key projects needed to achieve this 

  • Lessons learnt from collaboration on the All-Government response to Covid-19 

Chris Buxton, Chief Digital Officer, Statistics NZ 

Giles SouthwellGM Workplace and Technology, NZTA  

Ann-Marie Cavanagh, Deputy Chief Digital Officer & Deputy Chief Executive Digital Public Service, Department of Internal Affairs

Mitchell Pham, Chair, Digital Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

Michael Stribling, Managed Services Tribe Lead, Spark New Zealand

Steve Wotten, CTO, NTT

Facilitated by Victoria MacLennan, Managing Director, OptimalBI



Webinar 3: 

TopicPanel: Recovery and response through strong leadership and resilience 

The All Government response to the Covid-19 outbreak led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been globally recognised and applauded. Washington Post published an article titled “New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve. It’s squashing it” showcasing the work our Government has achieved here and praising the leadership that has been showcased. A key focus for New Zealand Government has been on strong leadership, collaboration and clear decisive communication.  

  • Fostering characteristics of a future digital leader   

  • Addressing the quick shift the New Zealand Government implemented to combat the spread of Covid-19 

  • New Zealand’s lead on agility – helping the Government (and organisations) quickly change their operational methods to embrace the ever-changing business landscape 

  • The role the Government played in helping its citizens to take on a ‘adopt fast’ mentality 

  • Providing insights on organisational collaboration (public and private) in delivering solutions and timely information for New Zealand citizens 

Craig Jones, Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Government Statistician, Data System Leadership, Stats NZ

Dianna Taylor, CEO, REANNZ 

Grant McBeath, Customer Director, Spark New Zealand

Facilitated by Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech



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