Debbie Sorkin

National Director of Systems Leadership

Leadership Centre

United Kingdom

Debbie Sorkin is National Director of Systems Leadership at the Leadership Centre, a UK-based charity specialising in strengthening leadership across public services, including with local and national government, public health, the NHS and other public services.       

Debbie’s work focuses on collaborative leadership across systems, using Adaptive and Systems Leadership approaches to support people who need to work in new ways and in complex situations.  She has been responsible for a National Systems Leadership programme which extends across local authorities, the NHS, primary care, the voluntary and community sector, public health, housing and other sectors, and which encompasses a wide range of issues relating to health, wellbeing and the prevention agenda.  The programme, working in some 60 places around the country, has brought people and organisations together to support more joined-up working and better outcomes, and has had demonstrable impact. Debbie co-wrote The Revolution will be Improvised, a report illustrating both the hurdles that people encountered and the ‘lightbulb moments’ that enabled them to see, and act, differently. 

Most recently, Debbie’s work has focused on integration within local authorities, and across local authorities and the NHS, particularly as they look to integrate services. This includes work on digital innovation, for which Debbie has co-authored the report The Revolution will be Customised, showing the behaviours and approaches that really work in these situations.  She works with the NHS Transformation Academy of Large-Scale Change, advising on major change initiatives, and she speaks and writes extensively on Systems Leadership.