Emma Naji

Executive Director

AI Forum New Zealand

CEO and Co-founder of the AI Advisory; neutral, independent services providing support and guidance to empower self-sufficient, strategic and well-informed AI futures. In addition to CEO of AI Advisory I am also the Executive Director of the AI Forum.

Emma co-founded one of the first commercial drone companies in the UK over 10 years ago, which is still thriving today as a national training, certification and aerial imaging company. A career full of introducing new tech’ to early markets and successfully blending them into organisations, Emma understands how difficult, but important technical transformation and growth is. Arriving in New Zealand just over 2 years ago to co-found Intela AI and Farrago, both AI start-ups, it quickly became apparent that systemically NZ Inc. didn’t have enough AI general awareness and a huge need existed to educate, strategise, and curate the AI toolbox, ergo the AI Advisory was born.

Emma works to change the AI dialogue as believes inaccurate hype and scare mongering has delayed adoption and damaged investment "we need to normalise AI back down to the code and techniques it consists of, not the fantastical stories often believed and demonstrate the value in our data as a national and commercial asset.