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Welcome from the Chairs
Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech
Victoria MacLennan, Managing Director, OptimalBI & Chair, Digital Skills Forum; Chair, Code Club Aotearoa; & Co-Chair, NZRise
Opening keynote: Embrace Uncertainty and Disruption to Succeed in Digital Government

As government CIOs and other executives have dealt with the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic, they now have to consider how to reprioritize strategic initiatives in a much more uncertain future. In this session we will share global insights on how the pandemic has, out of necessity, enhanced models of collaboration, and examine the role digital is playing in the public sector as both a trigger and a tool for response.

Dean Lacheca, Research Director, Gartner
CEO panel: Cross collaboration between Government agencies to deliver citizen-centric outcomes for New Zealand
  • Setting a global standard – how has New Zealand’s All-Government response created a benchmark for Governments globally to adhere to? 

  • Collaborating in helping rebuild New Zealand’s economy 

    • Sharing resources between departments and agencies to help New Zealand’s public sector grow and transform 

  • Safeguarding New Zealand’s data – solutions to protecting New Zealand’s biggest asset as the Government progresses with its digital transformation plan 

  • How can New Zealand’s public service regulation and proposed changes deliver a responsive future focused government?

Carolyn Tremain, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
Mark Sowden, Government Statistician and Chief Executive, Statistics New Zealand
Naomi Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, Inland Revenue
Government Procurement & the Digital Tech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP)

Digital technologies will be vital for our future economic and social wellbeing, and will help drive future productive growth. For this reason, Digital Tech has been included as one of the Government’s first ITPs.

The public sector currently purchases 29.6% of the tech sectors output in New Zealand. Consequently, the ‘Role of Government Procurement’ is a critical workstream within the Digital Tech ITP.

Join leaders from across the tech sector as they discuss the ITP and ways government procurement can drive economic growth.

Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech
Victoria MacLennan, Managing Director, OptimalBI & Chair of others
Breccan McLeod-Lundy, CEO, Ackama
More panellists to be announced
Morning break
Ministerial Address
Hon. James Shaw, Statistics and Climate Change Minister, Green Party
Realising a truly digital public sector
  • The importance of a strong digital identity as a foundation for further digital transformation 
  • Digital ethics – just because we have the capability, should we? The line in the sand and how we need to balance progress and ethics 
  • Digital inclusion and enabling society to interact with public sector entities 
Paul James, Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs
Enabling secure digital engagement
  • Shaping strict privacy laws for a digital future for New Zealand 

  • Discussing the cyber security roadmap that complements the Government’s digital transformation journey 

    • What have the roadblocks been and solutions to mitigate them? 

  • Operating as a digital Government – what would the transition look like?

Andrew Hampton, Director-General, Government Communications Security Bureau
Discussion session: Collaboration across the sector – forming a cohesive digital strategy and roadmap

Following on from the previous session, our speakers will join to share their experiences as they enable innovation across the digital public sector. 

  • Providing insights on the Government’s digital public service and digital transformation journey 

    • How far have we come and the road that lies ahead? 

    • How has the Covid-19 outbreak disrupted this journey? 

  • Identifying the key pockets for innovation and transformation – how can we ensure change 

  • Working together to effect change – coming together to enable public sector transformation 

  • Influencing policy direction to enable innovation

Paul James, Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs
Andrew Hampton, Director-General, Government Communications Security Bureau
Cross cultural innovation & Its challenges "The Laos Government Drivers Licence Blockchain Initiative with Vietnamese Technology Company Lina Network"
  • Blockchain in governmental services 
  • Defi adoption by e-government
  • Drivers Licence Initiative with Laos Government 
  • Challenges of cross-cultural innovation
Leigh Flounders, Strategic Advisor, Lina Network

These roundtables are designed to provide in-depth discussions and allow delegates to participate and network with their peers as well as solutions providers and other experts who are creating a more integrated public sector for New Zealand. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate on two roundtable sessions, as they will be run twice. 

  • Encouraging cross collaboration within the public sector 
         Facilitated by: Dan Owen, Head of Client Strategy and Design, NTT

  • Enabling technology to increase social outcomes – Skinny Jump
         Facilitated by: Richard Adams, Spark Government Lead, Spark NZ

  • Smart cities – IoT/5G
         Facilitated by: Tony Agar, Spark IoT Lead, Spark NZ and Michelle Baguley, Spark 5G Lead, Spark NZ

  • Cloud transformation within the public sector
         Facilitated by: Daniel Parsons, Senior Cloud Consultant, Leaven and Adarsh Jupudi, Senior Cloud Consultant, Leaven

  • Commercialising government technology
    Facilitated by: Steve Barnard, Managing Director, Pikselin Limited
  • AI and machine learning and its ethical use in the public sector
    Facilitated by: Leigh Flounders, Strategic Advisor, LINA

Panel: The technology and people inspiring the public sector – examining AI, data, and digital influences
  • Avoiding AI fear and distrust – why we need to focus on creating positive, relevant and problem busting uses of AI to create better outcomes for New Zealanders
    • Has the introduction of the contact tracing app as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, allowed New Zealanders to be more open towards data sharing?
  • Social licence for data use – how can we leverage data effectively and within ethical frameworks
  • Public sector provisioning of digital services – connecting the regional digital development hubs to demonstrate the power in our public sector innovators
Paul Stone, Open Government Data Programme Leader, NZ Open Government Data Programme
Dame Diane Robertson, Chair, New Zealand Behavioural Insights Advisory Group (Nudge Unit) & Inaugural Chair, Data Futures Partnership
Dianna Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, REANNZ
Moderated by: Emma Naji, Executive Director, AI Forum New Zealand
Afternoon break
E-Government Alliance - an international collaboration initiative
Mitchell Pham, Strategic Advisor, Lina Network
How can New Zealand position itself to get the best from technology so that everyone benefits; everyone is included and technology contributes to our wellbeing and resilience as a nation. What the Council learned from COVID-19 and how it's applying those lessons to the advice it gives to Ministers
Mitchell Pham, Chair, Digital Council of Aotearoa New Zealand
Case study: Digital identity and Whakapapa – creating a digital identity for our Iwi
Kaye Maree Dunn, Co-founder, Āhau
Case study: Smart cities – provision of technology and key partners to enable better provision
Michael Healy, Programme Manager – Smart Christchurch, Christchurch City Council
Closing keynote: The Future of Customer / Citizen Experience
Erica Lloyd, Director Public Sector Strategy, Soul Machines
Summary remarks from the Chairs
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